Monday, July 2, 2012

The Pinterest Project

So I made a status update on my Facebook page a few weeks back where I promised myself (and all of my friends) that I would use this summer to actually utilize some of the recipes, projects, etc that I have been pinning onto my Pinterest boards. My Boards

I have done a few things already and have taken pictures of the process but never posted them anywhere or really talked about them. Then I remembered duh. I have a blog I can use.

 Over the course of the next two months I am going to blog about my Pinterest project and have pictures as well :) OF COURSE I cannot take on such a project without making a project out of it! So what I am going to do it choose a couple dozen (maybe more) of my pins, print them out, organize them, and what have you into a binder. When I have completed a project, I will blog about it complete with pictures.

 Stay tuned! 

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