Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birth Announcements

I know I just posted, but I wanted to get this on here before I forgot!
I don't like to have to rely on some ginormous company to relay important information to family, like a birth announcement. So for my first 2 kids, I made my own. LOVED Lea's, I'll have to find it and post it. Topher's was along the same lines as Lea's but more hastily thrown together, and I think it showed. With unknown -gender Number 3 due at the end of March, I figured I should get started on them now so all I have to do is fill out the important info, add a picture, and off they go!

Lea was 3 months old before her birth announcements went out.
But..uhh..that's neither here nor there... *cough*

I thought of using paper to create a pocket to add in the stats and a picture because some people will want to keep the picture but not the rest of the info. I found some cute printed paper that I feel is gender neutral but at the same time, not nursery\baby-ish. And a nice solid to go with it.

Also in my mess of stamps, I had not one baby themed stamp! So I got to buy some! This was also my first venture into the acrylic cling stamps. LOVE THEM! And such a space saver! No more blind stamping or bulky wooden blocks..yay! And in some cases, an entire sheet of stamps costs less than one wooden block stamp! The sheet that I got has 20 individual stamps on it. (
The clear blocks you put the stamp on are a little pricier (always depends on the brand too), but those tend to be one-time purchases. I got a 2 pack that has a small block and a medium one.

Anyway....this is what I came up with. The end product measurement is 6in x 6in. The stat card (which is clearly my sample piece, can you tell I need new ink?) is 3.75in by 5in, and I will most likely color in the buggy with colored pencils. The pocket is also big enough to hold a 3.5in by 5in picture.

I LOVE how it turned out. And it can be easily changed to pink, blue, characters or whatever your theme is!

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