Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Growing up, I always only ever had chocolate covered pretzels when I would join my mom at craft shows. As a kids those were super boring, so I rarely had pretzels :)

When I tried, and failed, at candy making, I still had molds and melts leftover that were too good (and expensive) to throw away. We had some pretzel rods and thought why not? Plus it was in time for one of Lea's class parties, so who better to be guinea pigs than a room full of kindergartners? The first party I got to do them for was Christmas\Holiday, but I didn't get a picture. The first party I got a picture for was Valentine's. The kids loved them, the teachers loved them and I got a request for them for the next party :)

The next time I made them I did some for St. Patrick's Day. No party, just a treat.

I definitely need to work on my drizzling skills..LOL. I like using fun sprinkles to make them cute to look at as well as taste yummy. Thinking of maybe playing with different types of 'crunches'; cookies n cream, caramel, chocolate, etc, to try 'gourmet' type flavors.

For their Easter\Spring party, I was short on cash so wasn't able to get cute sprinkles or sugars. Instead I bought the color burst melts which are white (vanilla) melts with colored sugars (I think sugars) mixed in. That way, there was color involved at less cost (and work) for me.
Cell phone picture, so the colors may not appear nicely.

When Chris transferred to a different plant at his job, he wanted to bring in a treat for his then current co-workers. I had two bags of melts and a tub of pretzel rods, perfect. Even better, the melts were green and yellow. Living in a Chicago suburb, we catch a lot of flack for being Packer fans. Luckily Chris' co-workers liked to playfully tease him about it, so I made Packer pretzels for his last day. :)

Drizzling has gotten better, but I need to figure out how I can do several at a time, in a small space, without them getting stuck together!

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