Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love cupcakes. I mean, who doesn't? I very much prefer mini ones over regular size because then you don't feel so bad for eating more than one. And you can sample several flavors that way.
This summer, I tried two different kinds. I made rainbow\tye-dyed cupcakes for Lea's t-ball team's end of season picnic. It was super hot and I didn't want the frosting to melt, so I had a can of whipped cream in a freezer bag full of ice. That way I was able to top the cupcakes as fast as little hands were grabbing for them.
Of course, this was when I was only taking pictures of finished products, not step-by-step. BUT these were a hit so I'm very sure I will be making these again. All I did was..
Prepare a box of white cake mix.
Divide the batter into freezer bags, one bag per color desired.
Add food coloring to each bag and mix well.
Snip a small corner of the bag. This makes it SUPER easy to measure the batter into cups. If you are doing mini cupcakes, snip the smallest hole as you can so its easier to manage.
Squeeze just a small amount into the cups, when you add all the colors, you want the cup about 3 quarters full. Just as if you were making regular ol cupcakes.
Bake as normal and the end!

Another day, after grilled burgers and veggies, I thought about hamburgers in dessert form. So I prepared yellow cake mix to make mini-cupcakes and a pan of brownies. Sliced the cupcakes in half for the 'bun'. Used a small circle cutter to cut circles out of the brownies. Melted some yellow and red candy melts, tinted some vanilla frosting green and put it all together! I wasn't 100% happy with the turnout but because it was the first time and I had done it on a whim, I was glad with how they did turn out. Definitely a little more prep-work next time.

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