Sunday, January 8, 2012

Valentine Love Bugs!

Since I got my table cleaned off, I started to work on a Valentine's project. I decided on love bugs :)

-Start with supplies!

-Cut out pieces. I used the Simply Charmed cartridge for the Cricut.

-Glue the pieces together and voila! Love Bugs! :)

-Add to cards if you want! I used other embellishments and papers that I had on hand. In fact, that is one thing that I an intent on doing, using what I already have. I have so many scraping and paper crafting items here that are taking up space, its time they get used! I am planning on only buying new items if someone asks for something very specific.
I am really hoping to turn this into some sort of part-time business, just to get some extra cash in for savings. With (almost) 3 kids and the need for a bigger house in an better town, we could use all the extra cash we can get!

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