Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So much ground beef ....part 2

I had seen a recipe for a mexican lasagna and thought 'that's something Chris would eat'. I found a few different recipes and they all had roughly the same ingredients and steps, so I made out my list knowing that we were heading to the grocery store that week.

I opened up a small can of enchilada sauce (mild, boo) and poured just enough to coat the bottom of my glass cake pan so the tortillas wouldn't stick. I added the rest of the sauce to an envelope of taco seasoning (again, mild..gah!)and the ground beef that I fried up.

I tore tortillas in half so I could have a flat edge against the side of the pan. Oh, I was using flour tortillas, 6 inches? The smaller ones you would typically get for fajitas.
Then it was layering. Tortillas, seasoned beef, refried beans (I did beans on half, not sure if Chris liked them or not), sharp cheddar. I was able to do each layer twice for the size of my pan.

Topped it with a heap of cheese and tossed that bad boy into the oven. 350 for approx 20-30 minutes. the cheese was melted and the beans and beef were bubbling around the edges.

Chris took some to work that night. Since I was already full thanks to a stuffed pepper and a couple hours worth of taste-testing, I was waiting to hear his critique. When he got home this morning he said he really liked it and would like me to make it again sometime. YES! I rarely get that when I try new\different recipes. I hate living with 3 picky eaters!!

I just finished a portion of it for my lunch. My only complaint is that it's not spicy\hot enough. If I could have, I would have used spicy\hot enchilada sauce and taco seasoning. Maybe even a layer of jalapeno peppers. If I had a jar, I would have put a spoonful of salsa on top of my portion.

All in all, a success! Yay! :dances:

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